when people think matt smith is leaving doctor who

Serious Q time if y’all are still taking q’s.

Just off in the random chance you know this answer..

In a few years after college, I want to move to London/England/etc/., and work on the set/in crew for DW, how should i approach that when the time comes? Like, how would I find out if there’s any job opening or anything of the such?



Announcing The Absolutely Brilliant Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman Tumblr Q&A of Christmas 2012

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much BBC America ships Doctor Who and Tumblr.

We’ve had meetups and contests and livetumblrings and in return, you’ve shown your love by getting Doctor Who on the cover of not one but two major U.S. magazines — Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

This holiday season we’re showing our love by hosting our first ever Tumblr Q&A with the cast of Doctor WhoMatt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman! (ehrmahgerd!ehrmahgerd!ehrmahgerd!)


In fact, we think this might be the first TV show Q&A on Tumblr ever, right? If so, cool.

This is how it’s going to work:

Post your question to your blog (as text, drawing, video, whatever) and tag it ‘Tumblr WHO&A’.

Matt and Jenna will reblog their favorite questions with their answers to the Doctor Who Tumblr on Friday, December 7th.

In order to make your questions and their answers rebloggable, we are not using the Tumblr Ask or Fan Mail (though we lurve them both), so be sure to post and tag your questions properly.


*And we’re sorry. We’re so sorry but they probably won’t get to answer every question.


But rest assured we’re dispatching the entire Doctor Who Tumblr team to help them sort through the tag pages.

So yeah, submit your question via your blog, tag it, and we’ll see you, Matt and Jenna on Friday. WE ARE SO VERY EXCITE!!!!


Okay but seriously.

I can already imagine the heartbreak on Eleven’s face. He tried to let Rory and Amy go. To save them. So another one of his companions don’t die, or don’t get stuck in another universe, or don’t lose their amazing memories they got travelling and saving the universe.

I can see it. And it already breaks my heart, oh my god.

And then just look at this picture;

So now he’s not just heartbroken, he’s angry. Not even that. He’s fucking furious, so you know some more shit is going to go down. And if Rory is still alive then hell, even more shit will go down, because if you haven’t seen Rory angry, you don’t want to. Especially when you’re in the line of fire of that, no matter how badass he is angry.

I’m not going to be able to handle this season.