The Guy Ritchie films are really underrated.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sherlockian who hates either of these adaptations. I mean, I’m really into Sherlock. It’s an incredible show. But I don’t like that its fanbase is so much bigger than the movies. I just think that there’s absolutely no contest between them, and I don’t understand why people tend to like Sherlock more.

Because it’s fucking amazing.

  1. visualized-thoughts said: I love the relationship between Sherlock and John soooo much better in the Guy Ritchie films. People romanticize their relationship because of their behavior in the show. In the films, no matter what they do, it’s obvious they’re just best friends.
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    ^ that. the Sherlocks are different, the Johns are different, the settings are different, hell, even the Irenes are...
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  10. bad-taf said: They’re both excellent but they’re also very different stylistically so it’s somewhat pointless to compare the two
  11. cloneoutcast said: Because Sherlock is actually written well.
  12. lunaticofgodscreation said: I agree :)
  13. kc-wonders said: I like both.. and who said Sherlock has a bigger fanbase?
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    yeah op you must not know many fans of sherlock (i dont rly want to say “sherlockians” because most of them care for...
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  16. dnelsonn said: honestly, i kind of like the show a little more because I think it fits the original sherlock better, but i LOVE guy ritchie’s sherlock films. they were amazing. pretty much anything by guy ritchie is awesome.